Client Driven Learning

Three partial sessions are shown below, each demonstrating many aspects of ReST treatment including:

  • The Training Phase where the concepts of sounds, beats and smoothness are explored.
  • The Practice Phase where the child learns how to use the skills without the clinician’s teaching.


Lachlan and Tricia.

Lachlan is 7 years old and has done ReST therapy previously. This session revises his understanding of the concepts and his practising of 3 syllable nonsense words.


Mira and Pippa.

Mira is 13 years old. She has previously done ReST therapy and her nonsense words include ‘r’ clusters which is a more complex target appropriate to her age.


Byron and Donna.

Byron is 4 years old and this is his first ReST therapy session. Donna introduces the concepts of sounds, beats and smoothness and they work together on 2 syllable nonsense words.

Step by Step Learning

This provides you with a step-by-step process to implementing ReST with your client. We assume you will work through these steps with the Clinician Manual which can be downloaded from the Resources tab.

Please click here to access the Step by Step Learning Webpage.